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Re: access control problems

At 07:01 AM 6/27/00 +0000, Aoife_Kavanagh@rta.nsw.gov.au wrote:
>I'm trying to add access control rights to various parts of LDAP structure, but no matter what I do I always get an Insufficient access exception thrown back at me.  So, I'm able to successfully establish a connection to the LDAP server but nothing else!  An example of what I'm trying to do is
>defaultaccess read
>access to dn="profile=*,o=RTA Sydney,ou=SCATS2"  attr=mail

I suspect you meant dn="profile=*,o=RTA Sydney,ou=SCATS2".
Read re_format(5) or other REGEX documentation.  Note you likely
need attr=mail,entry to grant read to the entry itself.

See archives for numerous examples....