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Re: a quick question

At 10:47 PM 6/26/00 +0000, Terry Lambert wrote:
>Katerina Tsarouchas wrote:
>> the error happens when they do the search on their machine
>> Katerina Tsarouchas wrote:
>> >
>> > Hey guys,
>> >
>> > Sorry to bug you!  I need to ask you guys a quick question.
>> >
>> > I was able to search:
>> >
>> > ldapsearch -h <my ip address> 'objectclass=*'
>> >
>> > and I have some stuff returned.
>> >
>> > But when I have someone to do the same thing it
>> > says no object found.  Do they have to do something in
>> > order to read my stuff or did I forgot to do something?
>They probably built their ldapsearch with a different
>base DN; the base DN is compiled into the binary.

With OpenLDAP 1.x, no base DNs are compiled into the binary.
The user just needs to use -b baseDN or specify a default
baseDN via ldap.conf(5).

>should really go away, and the binary should determine
>the base DN programatically by querying the directory,
>since this is easy to do for both LDAPv2 and LDAPv3

Actually, LDAPv2 provide any discovery mechanism.   And
with LDAPv3, you likely would have to prompt the user to
select one of many values of the root DSE's namingContext
attribute (assuming it was readable)... and even then, these
may not be the appropriate base DNs for general use.

>Have them specify the base DN on the command line using
>the ``-b "ou=engineering,dc=nitrosocftlinux,dc=com"'' (or
>whatever your base DN really is).
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