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Filter with '@' char doesn't work

Dear All,

I have a problem with filter which contain '@' char.

no result found with this command :
$ ldapsearch -D "cn=Administrator,dc=aaa,dc=com" -w test -b
"dc=aaa,dc=com" uid=lukman@aaa.com

And I manage to make it work with a silly way which I use it for demo
$ ldapsearch -D "cn=Administrator,dc=aaa,dc=com" -w test -b
"uid=lukman@aaa.com,dc=aaa,dc=com" uid=*

I know from ldapfilter.conf that '@' is used for mail filtering, and it
just work fine if the filter is mail=lukman@aaa.com.

Anyone can help?


Lukman W. Kusuma