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Re: Filter with '@' char doesn't work

At 12:29 PM 6/13/00 +0800, Lukman W. Kusuma wrote:
>Dear All,
>I have a problem with filter which contain '@' char.
>no result found with this command :
>$ ldapsearch -D "cn=Administrator,dc=aaa,dc=com" -w test -b
>"dc=aaa,dc=com" uid=lukman@aaa.com

Does the entry have a uid attribute with value uid=lukman@aaa.com?
Was it added using ldapadd(1)?   Does uid have an equality index?
Was this index rebuilt after specification in slapd.conf?

What version of OpenLDAP are you using?  On what platform?
How did you build OpenLDAP?

>And I manage to make it work with a silly way which I use it for demo
>$ ldapsearch -D "cn=Administrator,dc=aaa,dc=com" -w test -b
>"uid=lukman@aaa.com,dc=aaa,dc=com" uid=*
>I know from ldapfilter.conf that '@' is used for mail filtering, and it
>just work fine if the filter is mail=lukman@aaa.com.

ldapfilter.conf is not used by ldapsearch(1).