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Needed functionality ...

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I have been using openldap for over a year now, and am very please with the 
progress the software as made.  However, I am now under pressure to supply 
extended functionality and need some advice.

First, we are moving to a new calendar server that can integrate with ldap 
(OpenTime).  After talking with the company on the phone, they mentioned 
that the ldap server MUST support ldap-v3, not v2.  Is the development 
version of openldap stable enough to use in this capacity?  Does it have 
enough functionality to serve as a true v3 compliant ldap server for OpenTime?

Second, we have several kerberos servers that have been running for quite 
some time, and I would like to back-end the login to ldap with the kerberos 
servers.  Unfortunately, they have all been upgraded to version 5, and I 
was unable to successfully compile even the release version with kerberos 
5.  Has anyone successfully done this?  If so, could you give me some 
pointers on configuration/compiling/schema?

Third, can the release version of openldap (1.2.11) replicate to the 
development version of openldap (2.0-alpha)?  Would this even be advisable, 
or would the reverse be better?  The main reason we're considering 
mixing-matching is the relative instability of alpha software and would 
like to minimize and disruptions should be decide to upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and/or advice,

Tony Brock
* Anthony Brock                                         abrock@georgefox.edu *
* Director of Network Services                         George Fox University *
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