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Re: Needed functionality ...

As you're likely to be told, or you'll find out if you try, don't use
development software in a production environment.  From browsing the
web, it looks like OpenTime is the same thing as CorporateTime by by
CS&T.  If that's what you're talking about, I tested the development
version of openldap with that server out of curiosity and it mostly
worked except for the access rules.  To use a production version of
openldap, I purchased an earlier version of the CorporateTime server
(version 4) which did support ldap-v2 and everything has worked fine. 
The biggest problem for us is that I wanted to use it on linux which is
only avaiable for version 5.  So I had to use HPUX instead.  When
openldap 2.0 is available, the upgrade to the new version of
CorporateTime will be trivial.

Anthony Brock wrote:
> I have been using openldap for over a year now, and am very please with the
> progress the software as made.  However, I am now under pressure to supply
> extended functionality and need some advice.
> First, we are moving to a new calendar server that can integrate with ldap
> (OpenTime).  After talking with the company on the phone, they mentioned
> that the ldap server MUST support ldap-v3, not v2.  Is the development
> version of openldap stable enough to use in this capacity?  Does it have
> enough functionality to serve as a true v3 compliant ldap server for OpenTime?

Dave Brodin
Lead Systems Engineer
Information and Technology Services
City of Bloomington