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Re: Needed functionality ...

At 05:04 PM 6/12/00 -0700, Anthony Brock wrote:
>First, we are moving to a new calendar server that can integrate with ldap 
>(OpenTime).  After talking with the company on the phone, they mentioned 
>that the ldap server MUST support ldap-v3, not v2.  Is the development 
>version of openldap stable enough to use in this capacity?

devel is not general use.  Other questions regarding openldap-devel
are off topic on this list.

>Second, we have several kerberos servers that have been running for quite 
>some time, and I would like to back-end the login to ldap with the kerberos 
>servers.  Unfortunately, they have all been upgraded to version 5, and I 
>was unable to successfully compile even the release version with kerberos 
>5.  Has anyone successfully done this?  If so, could you give me some 
>pointers on configuration/compiling/schema?

OpenLDAP kbind code requires, IIRC, krb425 (Kerberos 4 -> 5) libraries.