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Replication configuration question

Dear all,

I am a newbie on openldap and i am configuring the openldap to
support replication. I have one master and one slave. The server version
is 1.2.7.

Here is the configuration :

In the master slapd.conf

replica host=slave

replogfile /var/tmp/replica.log

In the slave slapd.conf

referral        ldap://master


database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=test, dc=com"
directory       /usr/tmp
rootdn          "cn=replicator, dc=test, dc=com"
rootpw          secret

The ldbm databases in the master and slave are the same.

When i try to modify the entry in master , there is no change in slave.
When i check the slurpd.relog, the modified entry is recorded.
However, there is nothing in the slurpd.status ans replica.log.

What's the problem ? Please Help. Thank You!

Best wishes,

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