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Re: resolver in configure

At 02:52 PM 6/8/00 -0700, Michael Helm wrote:
>Configuring on solaris 7, with sun's compiler....
>Looking at config.log I notice that it does some kind of test
>for res_search; it found -lbind from the ISC bind 8.2.2 distribution
>(ok), but it didn't like the res_search that it found it didn't
>like, so it chose -lresolv instead (the solaris-supplied client
>The test it uses in configure is guaranteed to fail against -lbind.
>Why is this?

Because the symbol is not what our configure script expected
it to be.

You can force the test to be true:

env ac_cv_lib_bind_res_search=yes ./configure

or you can try OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_1_2 (via AnonCVS), it contains
a modified res_search code.