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Re: Ldap Data Replication problem

At 03:53 AM 6/7/00 -0700, Prashant K.S wrote:
>    I am trying to replicate an LDAP database.I have a
>master and a slave slapd running on two different
>servers. I have a slurpd running on the server on
>which master slapd is running. So when I make a client
>request to update the database to the master slapd,
>thedatabase gets updated in the master as well as the

So, replication does work.

>But when I make a request to the slave slapd,
>there is no way that it can refer to the master and
>update the master's database.

If you set the slave up correctly, it should return
a referral to the master.  Shipped clients have a
-R option, you should be able to use this to determine
if the slave is returning a referral.

Note, though, that without -R, the client will ANONYMOUSLY
chase any referral for security reasons.  See archives
for details.  See ITS for hacks providing rebind_procs.

>Actually I tried giving
>the referral as the ip address of master. But it seems
>not to be working. Is there anything else to be done
>so that when the request comes for slave, it is
>immediately redirected to the master.

You need to make sure defined a default referral pointing
to the master in the slave's conf file.