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Re: CORBA schema and LDAPv2

At 04:52 PM 5/29/00 +1000, Aoife_Kavanagh@rta.nsw.gov.au wrote:
>I'm trying to use JNDI in front of LDAP v2 (openldap) on Linux.  It works fine until I try to use the Java and CORBA schemas.  Am I right in thinking that these schemas are only for LDAPv3 directory?  If that's so, is there any way to store CORBA IORs in LDAPv2 via JNDI?

You generally can translate any LDAPv3 schema to that used
by OpenLDAP 1.x, an LDAPv2+ implementation.  You have to use
syntax 'bin' where OpenLDAP does know or understand the
syntaxes/matching rules.  This will allow you to store anything
in the directory... however, in such cases, it will be treated
as a blob and hence you cannot do attribute value assertions
upon the stored values.

Note, if the attributes are normally transferred using LDAPv3
";binary", the define the attribute (foo) as
"attribute foo;binary bin".  This technic works well for
transferring all BER encoded attribute values.