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Re: Can OpenLDAP interact with RDBMS (PostgeSQL, Oracle, DB2, etc)?

At 08:53 PM 5/26/00 +0000, Paulo Matos wrote:
>	Is it possible to use a RDBMS with openldap?

Not out of the box [tarball].  But you can use our shell
or custom backend interfaces with any external data store.
You just have write the glue.

With our next major release, we hope to provide additional
"programmable" backends, making it easier for you to write
the glue... but glue will be needed (even if you use the
experimental SQL backend).

The primary purpose of such backends is to allow you to
publish information in existing datastores using LDAP.
They are not meant to used as a primary datastore for
new directories.

See: http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=378