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Re: How can I use openLDAP with solaris authentication

If you happen to be running Solaris 8, I believe it supports LDAP 
directly from the nsswitch.conf.  At least the release notes 
mention the capability.


Incidently, has anyone tried this out?

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 03:52 PM 5/23/00 +0700, Pipat Khunprakan wrote:
> >How can I use openLDAP with Solaris user authentication system?
> You likely need to clarify what you want to get a suitable
> answer.  If you interested in having LDAP users authenticated
> via some Solaris user authentication service, you might have
> to hack OpenLDAP password checker (liblutil/passwd.c).  If,
> on other hand, you want to authenticate Solaris users against
> the directory, you likely need pam_ldap or such.  PADL offers
> a number of tools which might be useful <http://www.padl.com/>
> in this case.