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Problems adding jpegPhoto


    I have problems adding with ldapadd a photo attribute to an entry . If
the length of the base-64 encoding photo is less than 4 lines, it's all
right, but if it is more than 4 lines I can't see the photo (with Netscape),
I see: GIF89a or a broken-photo if I change the attribute to jpegPhoto.
    And if I make a ldapsearch with -t option and try to see the file with
xv, it says that there is no photo. It's like the attribute value were
corrupt and it had the photo and another information of the entry.

    I'm trying to add:

    dn: cn=Rocio, ou=Person,c=es
    objectClass: administrator
    cn: Rocio
    jpegPhoto:: R0lG0DlhjgDAAPABAAA ......

    I had a " ldap_add: Operations Error", but I change  --with-ldbm-api=ndbm
to --with-ldbm-api=gdbm as a configure option  and this error disappeared.

    May I run configure with another option or another flags to use

    I'm using OpenLDAP-1.2.10 stable version.

       Thanks a lot.