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On Thu, 18 May 2000 15:18:12 -0700  Terry Lambert wrote:
> Feel free to go into details; I'm familiar with all of
> the BSD's, being the author of the 386BSD 0.1 patchkit,
> which was the genesis of NetBSD (accidental) and FreeBSD
> (on purpose).  I've also been a BSDI user since it was
> first released.


Flamewars are a waste of time and I know you are a very busy man with
better things to do.  Before we begin one (with you in a
disadvantageous position)

1)  PAM is not available for BSD/OS, and probably never will be.  BSD
    has their own (superior?) authentication architecture.

2) *on BSD/OS 4.1*, read the man pages for Vixie's IRS (man 5
   irs.conf) and read up on the PADL NSS work.

So... I am quite willing to drop this one if you are :)