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Re: ldap_add: Operations error

At 06:30 PM 5/19/00 +0200, Mikael Grehn wrote:
>When will the latest, general version of OpenLDAP (1.2.10) be available for

OpenLDAP 1.x only includes an experimental support for NT (libraries
and client tools).  There are likely better free (as in "beer")
alternatives for NT (Netscape/Mozilla SDK, Microsoft SDK, and the
old Eudora SLAPD port).  I don't suspect we'll ever make a version
of 1.2 for general use under NT.  You'll have to wait (no estimates
will be made) for OpenLDAP 2.0 to be released for general use as
it includes a more complete NT port.

>Isnt the project of OpenLDAP 1.2.x developed simultaneously with developement
>of OpenLDAP2.0-alphax (or similar)?

OpenLDAP 1.2 is under active maintanance, not development.  It's
release engineering area is separate from other release engineering
areas and these are separate from our development areas.  We are
currently are focusing most of our attention in completing 2.0.
We can use help.  Volunteers are encouraged to "jump on in."