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Re: changing entire db of info???

At 04:16 PM 5/13/00 -0400, Ray Schneider wrote:
>hello everyone...
>i have managed to get 1.2.10 up and working (with a little help from my
>basically, now i have a situation where the information that i put in
>with ldapadd is not the way people would like it....the easiest thing
>for me to do would be to rebuild my ldif file and then put it into the
>database....by running ldapadd....however...what i need to find out is
>will this just write over the other info in the database or will it just
>be added to it..???
>I would like very much to just strip out the old info and just run
>ldapadd on a new ldif file....is there a way to do this as painlessly as

stop slapd
/bin/rm -rf database-directory/*
start slapd