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Re: How does replication works?

At 10:25 AM 5/12/00 +0200, Stephan Mueller wrote:
>replication of connected LDAP-Server I do understand. But how does it work if 
>they are disconnected?

slurpd should retry.

>Ok, there is a reject-file created in /var/tmp but will it automatically used 
>again to distribute information?

Errors that may be retried are not rejects.

>Or do I have to distribute it manually via 
>single shot mode?


>If it is done automatically does sluprd keeps the order of those files?

It should.

>What happens if a slave computer is disconneted, a modification took place at 
>the master but there is no reject file at all (and the replog file is empty)?

slurpd made a copy of the replog before it tries to forward the change.
slurpd should still have it's copy.