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Re: changing entire db of info???

Thanks to everyone who has offered advice...and help me out with the
seemingly obvious...I have working ldap services and am very happy that
openldap 1.2.10 worked for me....everyone associated with the openldap
project deserves a round of thanks!!!


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 04:16 PM 5/13/00 -0400, Ray Schneider wrote:
> >hello everyone...
> >i have managed to get 1.2.10 up and working (with a little help from my
> >friends..:)
> >basically, now i have a situation where the information that i put in
> >with ldapadd is not the way people would like it....the easiest thing
> >for me to do would be to rebuild my ldif file and then put it into the
> >database....by running ldapadd....however...what i need to find out is
> >will this just write over the other info in the database or will it just
> >be added to it..???
> >
> >I would like very much to just strip out the old info and just run
> >ldapadd on a new ldif file....is there a way to do this as painlessly as
> >possible???
> stop slapd
> /bin/rm -rf database-directory/*
> start slapd
> ldapadd

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