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Re: Performance tests, openldap slapd vs netscape slapd


Jeff Weinheimer wrote:

>   One odd thing that I did encounter was with the time it took to add
> entries for openldap.  At first, as more entries were added, it took longer
> and longer to add them to the database.  Then at some point(maybe 4000
> entries) it started taking less and less time to add entries.  This seems a
> bit odd to me.  Does anyone have an explanation for this?

ldapconfig.h:#define SLAPD_LDBM_MIN_MAXIDS              4000
After that many entries, slapd stops adding the entries to the index and instead
inserts a flag meaning all entries. Further adds to this key won't require a
write in the index file because the 'all entries' flag accounts for it already.

>   Any comments on the tests?

I remember hearing about a config flag preventing slapd to synchronize the cache
with the disk allowing it to work in memory, was this option used and would it
be fair to use such an option for your tests ?

P.Timmons, service informatique