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Re: Performance tests, openldap slapd vs netscape slapd

Jeff Weinheimer wrote:

> I have been interested in a performance comparison between the openldap
> slapd and the netscape slapd servers.  So I wrote a program in c which
> allows me to add and delete directories of arbitrary sizes and to time
> operations.
> For the test, the minimal cache was chosen (netscape has a lower limit on
> the allowed cache size).  That is, each servers cache was set to 1000
> entries and 500k bytes.  This should have minimal impact on the search
> results since almost 23000 entries must be searched for the whole tree.
> The results(Athlon 650, Redhat Linux 6.1):
>               openLdap                       netscape
> AddEntry       1-10 entries/second            25-45 entries/second
> DeleteEntry     10-30 entries/second           40-45 entries/second
> Search           5700 searches/second            2600 searches/second
> DataRead          750 entries/second               800 entries/second
> *DataRead corresponds to the number of entries returned per second after the
> search was complete.
> Overall I found that it takes much longer to add to the openLDAP slapd than
> netscapes, but that the searches in openldap were twice as fast.  This of
> course if perfectly acceptable since the idea behind LDAP is mostly reading
> and rarely writing.
>   One odd thing that I did encounter was with the time it took to add
> entries for openldap.  At first, as more entries were added, it took longer
> and longer to add them to the database.  Then at some point(maybe 4000
> entries) it started taking less and less time to add entries.  This seems a
> bit odd to me.  Does anyone have an explanation for this?
>   Any comments on the tests?
>   Has anyone else done similar performance tests?

I did test on Solaris 2.6 with 100k entry using the directory resource kit from
Netscape (freeware stuff) which contains performance measurements tools.

I don't have the details  but I remember that for searches the Netscape server
was  definitely faster than openldap
the rest of data as far as I remember was something similar