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Re: BASE variable not working

At 03:56 PM 4/11/00 -0400, Peter Ekowicki wrote:
>I have setup OpenLDAP 1.2.9, and am having a problem using the default
>BASE variable in ldap.conf.  I have set the BASE variable in hopes of
>not having to instruct users to fill in that information in their
>Netscape/Explorer Preferences.

Netscape and Microsoft clients use their own SDKs which do not
read OpenLDAP client configuration files.  They likely have
some sysadmin tools available to easy setup of multiple

>Everything works fine from these clients
>with the BASE specified, but the error "No such object" appears if the
>server root field is left blank.  I've also tried to access the database
>using web2ldap, but again, it only works with the "search root" field
>filled in as "dc=fairchildsemi, dc=com"
>There is a NOTES LDAP compliant database at our site that does not
>require the server root field to be set on the email clients, so
>proposing OpenLDAP will be tough unless I can find a way to get this to
>Here is my ldap.conf file:
># LDAP Defaults
># See ldap.conf(5) for details
># This file should be world readable.
>BASE    dc=fairchildsemi, dc=com
>HOST    fmfm23.fairchildsemi.com
>#HOST   ldap.openldap.org ldap-master.openldap.org:666
>#PORT   389
>#SIZELIMIT      12
>#TIMELIMIT      15
>#DEREF          never
>Any help is much appreciated.
>Peter Ekowicki
>Unix Administrator
>Fairchild Semiconductor
>ph 207.775.4518