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pam_ldap & Netscape Directory Server

My working environment:
1.  nss_ldap, ldapsdk-40-SOLARIS_2[1].6, pam_ldap-46 on my Solaris 7 sparc m
2.  Openldap (Remote Server)
3.  Netscape Directory Server 3.1 (Remote server)

I have pam_ldap working perfect with OpenLdap for user authentication for
login, su, telnet etc.  However I have not yet succeeded with Netscape Direc
tory Server.
pam_ldap connects to the server. Below is the a copy of the log on Netscape 
DirectoryServer. My ldap.conf configuration is also below. Please not that o
n Netscape I have added the posixAccount with uid and userPassword attribute
s included and bind is set anonymous.I also added posixGroup and shadowAccou

Any help greatly appreciated,

Log on Netscape Directory Server 3.1 when user2 telnets on Solaris7*********

[12/Apr/2000:10:10:53 +0900] conn=54 op=0 SRCH base="o=ASP" scope=2 filter="
[12/Apr/2000:10:10:53 +0900] conn=54 op=0 RESULT err=0 tag=101 nentries=1
[12/Apr/2000:10:10:53 +0900] conn=54 op=1 BIND dn="uid=user2,o=ASP" method=1
28 version=3
[12/Apr/2000:10:10:53 +0900] conn=54 op=1 RESULT err=49 tag=97 nentries=0

# Your LDAP server.
host ldap.fsas.fujitsu.co.jp
port 389

# The distinguished name of the search base.
base o=ASP

# Use the V3 protocol to optimize searches
ldap_version 3

# Filter to AND with uid=%s
pam_filter objectclass=posixAccount

# The user ID attribute (defaults to uid)
pam_login_attribute uid

# Search the root DSE for the password policy (works
# with Netscape Directory Server)
pam_lookup_policy yes

# Group to enforce membership of
#pam_groupdn cn=PAM,ou=Groups,dc=padl,dc=com

# Group member attribute
#pam_member_attribute uniquemember

# Hash password locally; required for University of
# Michigan LDAP server, and works with Netscape
# Directory Server if you're using the UNIX-Crypt
# hash mechanism and not using the NT Synchronization
# service.
#pam_crypt local