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newbie question on MD5 encryption for rootpw


I've trawled the list archives for a while now but I'm still a bit
confused about the use of encrypted passwords for the rootdn. In the
slapd.conf man page it says cleartext is not reccomended for rootpw
(fair enough). So I used a few lines of perl to knock together a script
which generates an MD5 encrypted password, and used this result in the
slapd.conf with a prefix of {md5}.

Now following the Quick start guide, when I come to adding the first
entry with
ldapadd I get the prompt for the password. Am I  right in thinking I
just supply the unencrypted password here, and the encryption works upon
the input string taking the config prefix as an indicator  ? I tried
that, and also the already encrypted string, but I get the ldap_bind
error talked about in the FAQ entry for both tries, i.e. I guess the
authentication fails.

Whats the easiest way to see if MD5 encyption of passwords is working OK
in my build ? I'm using solaris 2.6, db 2.7.7 from sleepycat.