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Re: newbie question on MD5 encryption for rootpw

At 11:37 PM 3/3/00 +0000, tim wrote:
>I've trawled the list archives for a while now but I'm still a bit
>confused about the use of encrypted passwords for the rootdn.

Search for 'userPassword'.  The value of rootpw is of same
syntax as userPassword.  There are numerous posts concerning
how the values can be generated.

Also of note are some recent FAQ additions:
	What are RFC 2307 user password?
	What are {CRYPT} passwords and how do I generate them?

(special thanks to Karl O. Pinc <kpinc@artic.edu> for providing
the initial answer to the rootpw question).

>Now following the Quick start guide, when I come to adding the first
>entry with ldapadd I get the prompt for the password.
>Am I  right in thinking I
>just supply the unencrypted password here, and the encryption works upon
>the input string taking the config prefix as an indicator  ? I tried
>that, and also the already encrypted string, but I get the ldap_bind
>error talked about in the FAQ entry for both tries, i.e. I guess the
>authentication fails.

You likely didn't generate the password correctly or did not
prefix it properly.

>Whats the easiest way to see if MD5 encyption of passwords is working OK
>in my build ? I'm using solaris 2.6, db 2.7.7 from sleepycat.