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Re: bind+ldap?

Earlier today, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> David> When I was asking ISC about BIND v9 (currently in public
> David> beta) last year, I was told that Hewlett-Packard were
> David> apparently supplying an LDAP backend for BIND.  Note, the
> David> currently available beta doesn't yet appear to support this
> David> backend.
> Do you know where/if this backend/patch can be found?

As above - ISC stated last year that HP would be donating the LDAP backend for
BIND v9, yet the current public beta of BIND v9 does not appear to have this
backend included.  Assuming HP haven't changed their mind, either they haven't
contributed it yet or ISC haven't released the code to the public just yet.

There was a question raised on the BIND v9 mailing list about the configurable
backends, but nobody has answered it yet.