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Re: bind+ldap?

>>>>> "David" == David J N Begley <david@avarice.nepean.uws.edu.au> writes:

    David> When I was asking ISC about BIND v9 (currently in public
    David> beta) last year, I was told that Hewlett-Packard were
    David> apparently supplying an LDAP backend for BIND.  Note, the
    David> currently available beta doesn't yet appear to support this
    David> backend.

Do you know where/if this backend/patch can be found?

    David> On 20 Feb 2000, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

    >> Is there such a patch available? I've looked at SQL Bind
    >> (http://bind.linuxos.net/) and I guess it would be possible to
    >> write a LDAP module for that, but I'd rather use the real
    >> thing!