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Re: access

squeegy+ldap@squeegy.org wrote:
> Hi,
> I have restricted access to my ldap server, now how do authenticate?
> does LDAP hit the /etc/passwd file authentication?  So far i have

No. LDAP uses its own authentication to control access. The access is
based upon Access Control Lists.

For the simplest possible setup, keep the rootpw in slapd.conf the
default "secret".

Then bind to the directory as the manager (whatever you made the rootdn

Then try to modify an entry from ud:

* cb o=Williams Communications, c=US

* bind Manager
  Authenticating to the directory as "Manager"...
  Enter your LDAP password: *********
  Authentication successful.

* vedit David


It should work for you.

As far as making the driectory editable by users try this: (Warning I
don't really know how (in)secure this is in your slapd.conf:

defaultaccess read
access to * by self write
            by dn="cn=Manager, ou=SAM, o=Concentric Network, c=US" write

These should be the last line in your slapd.conf (or before a second
database definition...

If you need more help with ACL's check the documentation (SLAPD/SLURPD
Admin guid) there are some examples in there.

Hope that helps...


> seen
> unable to access my ldap server since restricting it.  Thanks for the
> help.
> > squeegy+ldap@squeegy.org schrieb:
> > >
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Thanks to the help I have gotten here, I have
> > > built my directory.  I want this directory to be used only by
> > > those inside the company.  How do I password protect the
> directory
> > > and disable anonymous searches?
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