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Re: adding url attribute to Organization or Organizational unit

> That is, each entry should be of one structural objectclass.  You
> should list derived classes as values of the objectclasses values.
> Once created, you should never change, add, modify, delete the
> objectclasses which affect the "structure" of the entry.  That is,
> you shouldn't change a person to an inetOrgPerson (or vica versa)
> after initial creation.

Just wondering how to correctly define the objectclass values for an
"inetOrgperson" entry:

objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalperson
objectclass: inetorgperson


objectclass: top
objectclass: inetorgperson

Does 1) meet the criteria: "entry should be of one structural class" ?

Is 2) acceptable, assuming you have no clients that require the "person" or
"organizationalperson" objectclasses on the entry?