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adding url attribute to Organization or Organizational unit

I have been attempting to add a labeledURL attribute to the objectclass organization by following the suggestion in the documentation to use an auxilliary object class.

Ldapmodify returns an objectclass violation error.

It may be that I have misinterpreted the documentation.

It appears to say that you can add an auxilliary classobject to a previously defined classobject. (this is unclear)

Is it however the case that an auxilliary classobject is simply a new classobject with the appropriate attributes i.e. a local schema ?

If so, and the objectclasses that come with openldap have either too few or too many or not the right attributes, how best can one stay on track - having spent a number of nights reading the documentation, I do not know  how I might  ensure that if I use a non-standard schema I can maintain compatibility so that when v2.0 is available I can move to adopt ldap v3.

Thanks for any advice.


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