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Re: How to set 2 master server?

kdrjy@263.net wrote:

>     I just want to ask a question about how to set replication.
>     My destination is to set two ldap server each has a DIT and Each DIT is
> divided into two branches A and B.Server 1 take the branch A as it's
> local DIT and B as the replication of branch B in server 2.In the mean
> time,server 2 take branch B as it's local DIT and A as the replication
> of A in the server 1.Just like the picture drawing below
>              server 1                          server 2
>                DIT                               DIT
>               /   \                             /   \
>              /     \                           /     \
>          A(local) B(replication)          B(local) A(replication)
> So when I do some modification of the branch A on server1 ,the server2
> can do the same modification on the branch A on it.The same case happens
> when I do modification of branch B on server 2.
>     I don't know if anybody has ever done so or known something
> about it.Please give me some advice for my project has something to do
> with it.

Try it with the MultipleMaster-Patch in the ITS. Each (A and B) is then a
Master and you have to define that the two branches are writable by only one
server (A or B), the rest should be delegated (referred) to the other one. As
both are writable and both do replication your requirements should be matched.