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Re: install & from mail client

tsuchit wrote:

> I am beginner for ldap.
> Please let me know about the following.
> 1.I want  to install openLDAP in Linux, is MDS such as Berkely DB needed
> to install ?
> Although I read the "quick start" manua on ldap.org, not mention.

Most linux distributions come with the DB support you need (I think it's
GDBM) You should have to install it (although you may need to install the
devel package).

> 2.I isntalled the only openLDAP. made sample LDIF file, and ldapadd, and
> ldapsearch was fine.
> next, I tried to access from Netscape mail client usind address book,
> but I did not access, appeared an error.
> Why not?
> Please let me know the method of access from Netscape mail client with
> address book.
> Tsuchiya

What was the error message that you got from netscape?

Which version of Netscape was it?

What was the ldif file?