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RE: Still can´t get this to work.. dang..

All I can suggest is to download 1.2.8 and follow the Quick Start Guide.
If you run into problems, post specifics including details of your
environment, exact commands enterred, exact input to these commands,
and exact output.  It's more than likely that your problem is a
simple typo and it cannot be found by anyone other than you unless
you post sufficient details.

At 10:13 AM 12/9/99 -0200, Cass Surek wrote:
>Hi Kurt,
>I understood what the deal is. The thing is that I´m going by the book and
>this thing´s not working.
>I´ve triple checked my config files and the commands´ syntax. Still doesn´t
>I´ve also checked the slapd.conf for the suffix and it´s written as you told
>me so I would assume the object is set.
>I might install it in another Linux i have here to check if there it´ll
>Thank you,
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>At 03:16 PM 12/8/99 -0200, Cass Surek wrote:
>>adding new entry o=mastercom,c=br
>>ldap_add: No such object
>This implies that the parent of "o=mastercom,c=br", "c=br"
>does not exist.  Set your suffix to "o=mastercom,c=br" if
>you intend for this to be root of your tree.
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Kurt D. Zeilenga		<kurt@boolean.net>
Net Boolean Incorporated	<http://www.boolean.net/>