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Re: Help??

At 08:34 AM 12/9/99 -0800, Harry Hoffman wrote:
>     I can't figure this out I think that I have it setup correctly but the
>docs are somewhat confusing. I'm running RH6.1 with OpenLdap (as a rpm).
>There appear to be 2 ldap.conf files.

One is for PADL software (/etc/ldap.conf) and one is for
OpenLDAP (normally /usr/local/etc/openldap/ldap.conf but
apparently /etc/openldap/ldap.conf in the RPM you used).

>My slapd.conf file uses the ldbm database. The
>suffix "dc=my-domain dc=net"
>suffix "o=my-domain, c=US"

You should avoid backends with multiple suffixes.

>directory /usr/tmp
>rootdn "cn=root, dc=my-domain, dc=net" rootpw secret

rootpw should appear on a line by itself.

>I created the ldbm database in /usr/tmp with the ldif2ldbm utility
>(using the example in the docs but changing it to my info).

If the RPM docs say to use ldif2ldbm, they should be updated.
ldapadd(1) should be used to add new entries to your directory.

>When I try to do ldapsearch -h 'objectclass=* '

Well, first, I'd suggest adding -b 'dc=my-domain dc=net' option
before relying on ldap.conf being correct.

>And it returns with no such object.

As I would expect, unless you inappropriately have objectclass
names that ends with a space.  Try 'objectclass=*' instead.

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