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LDAP editing software..

 This is more of a philisophical question. I've beaten LDAP support into
the version of TCL that AOLserver uses, and have a test TCL script that
lets you view data on users. However, although LDAP Explorer is nice to
view stuff, and add/change attributes, I now want to do some heavy work.

 I just realised I'd no idea how to go about doing something like 

 "add an attribute to all entries under ou=People... called "status", and
set it to "system" if the UID was less than 500, or set it to "staff" if
they were above 500. 

 Are there any favoured ways of making such sweeping changes ? I was
thinking of writing a tcl script to read each entry, and do the
inspection/adding manually. Only its effort. And I think it's going to be
effort no matter how I go about it.


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