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Re: LDAP editing software..

>  This is more of a philisophical question. I've beaten LDAP support into
> the version of TCL that AOLserver uses, and have a test TCL script that
> lets you view data on users. However, although LDAP Explorer is nice to
> view stuff, and add/change attributes, I now want to do some heavy work.
>  I just realised I'd no idea how to go about doing something like
>  "add an attribute to all entries under ou=3DPeople... called "status", and
> set it to "system" if the UID was less than 500, or set it to "staff" if
> they were above 500.
>  Are there any favoured ways of making such sweeping changes ? I was
> thinking of writing a tcl script to read each entry, and do the
> inspection/adding manually. Only its effort. And I think it's going to be
> effort no matter how I go about it.

I use ldap_mod_attr.pl written by Andrew J Cosgriff - which I think came as
an example program for the Perl Net::LDAPapi module (which you can find on

It takes an LDAP search filter as one of its arguments, so to solve many
problems I would do something like

ldap_mod_attr.pl 'uid>500' 'status=staff'

Unfortunately for your particular case I suspect the LDAP comparisons are
probably string compares rather than integer but the program is an extremely
useful addition to your toolkit.

	John Lines

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