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Re: 1.1.2 vs. 1.2.7 -- connection from localhost denied - help

At 01:57 PM 12/6/99 -0500, David J. Ferrero wrote:
>Ok, I'm running RH 6.0 and was successful w/basic setup using openldap
>Recently I upgraded openldap to 1.2.7 - following the basic setup as
>before only using /etc/openldap instead of /etc/ldap, I am unable to get
>beyond a server denying access...Did defaultaccess change to deny all
>for 1.2.7?

No.  1.x defaultaccess is read.

>slapd[23791]: select activity on 1 descriptors 
>slapd[23791]: new connection on 8 
>slapd[23791]: fd=8 connection from localhost ( denied. 

You must have enabled TCP wrapper support.

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