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Can´t Retrieve Data

Hello Everyone,

I´m trying to use the openLDAP at my company, but either I´m dumb as hell or
something is wrong.

The slapd is working fine and I have inserted records using the ldif2ldbm
tool. After that, I can´t retrieve any info from the database. I have
foolowed the HOW TO, but still the ldapsearch and the ud can´t find a thing!

What about the BASE? The HOW TO is not that clear about it. When I use the
ud I can only browse inside the root base, where I find nothing. I´ve
checked the directory where I set it to see if the NEXTID file was
increasing... it was.

Well, I have no clue of what is going on here, but I can send you my conf
files if you want to gimme a hand.

Thank you so much,

Cass Surek,