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Re: Can´t Retrieve Data

At 03:41 PM 12/2/99 -0200, Cass Surek wrote:
>I´m trying to use the openLDAP at my company, but either I´m dumb as hell or
>something is wrong.
>The slapd is working fine and I have inserted records using the ldif2ldbm
>tool. After that, I can´t retrieve any info from the database. I have
>foolowed the HOW TO, but still the ldapsearch and the ud can´t find a thing!

Don't use ldif2ldbm to add new entries, use ldapadd.  I suggest
you follow our OpenLDAP Quick Start Guide.  It documents the
appropriate steps to build, install, and populate a directory.

>What about the BASE?

man 5 ldap.conf

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