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Re: any experience with DirectoryMark LDAP benchmark?

On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 03:00:40PM +0100, Johan Karlsson mentioned:
> > (~44*10^6 sec). So, I'm wondering if (1) we just don't have things
> > configured right, (2) we have OS or hardware errors, (3) if others
> > have experience with these benchmarks, and (4) where there are
> > pointers to tuning the LDAP server to perform well under specific
> > scenarios.
> Looks like you have to index some of the attributes, check out "man
> slapd.conf"

 Will this just speed up searches, or adding entries too ? 

 We were estimating that we'll be adding/modifying ~4000 entries a day, and
it looks as if it's going to be best to do an hourly export from a database
to an LDIF file, shut down the LDAP server & import them with ldif2ldbm
instead of ldapadd while the server is online.


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