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any experience with DirectoryMark LDAP benchmark?

We've been very happily using OpenLDAP for the past year and now are
incorporating it into some of our product projects. We've been
questioned about OpenLDAP performance, so I looked around for test
tools and found the DirectoryMark LDAP performance benchmark tools.

When I loaded up the test data (only the 1000 entry version) and ran
the simplest search tests I had very slow performance (~7sec /
search). When I did adds and deletes the time was astronomical
(~44*10^6 sec). So, I'm wondering if (1) we just don't have things
configured right, (2) we have OS or hardware errors, (3) if others
have experience with these benchmarks, and (4) where there are
pointers to tuning the LDAP server to perform well under specific

We're running OpenLDAP 1.2.6, BerkekeyDB 2.7.5, Solaris 2.6, on a
Sparc10 w/ 96MB RAM.

Now it is possible that I screwed up specifying the thread libraries
when I built it, I'll have to look further.

But any help is appreciated.

Bill Anderson
Xerox Research & Technology