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Re: any experience with DirectoryMark LDAP benchmark?

William L Anderson wrote:

> We've been very happily using OpenLDAP for the past year and now are
> incorporating it into some of our product projects. We've been
> questioned about OpenLDAP performance, so I looked around for test
> tools and found the DirectoryMark LDAP performance benchmark tools.
> When I loaded up the test data (only the 1000 entry version) and ran
> the simplest search tests I had very slow performance (~7sec /
> search). When I did adds and deletes the time was astronomical
> (~44*10^6 sec). So, I'm wondering if (1) we just don't have things
> configured right, (2) we have OS or hardware errors, (3) if others
> have experience with these benchmarks, and (4) where there are
> pointers to tuning the LDAP server to perform well under specific
> scenarios.
> We're running OpenLDAP 1.2.6, BerkekeyDB 2.7.5, Solaris 2.6, on a
> Sparc10 w/ 96MB RAM.
> Now it is possible that I screwed up specifying the thread libraries
> when I built it, I'll have to look further.
> But any help is appreciated.

Looks like you have to index some of the attributes, check out "man

    //regards: jka