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ACI troubles.

    Could someone help me with applying an aci to our ldap directory.
I'm trying to apply
an aci to the 'People' branch of the directory that allows anyone to see
the stored attributes
except for 'uid', 'homeaddress', and 'homephone'. The ldif of the aci I
used looks
like this;

dn: ou=People, o=University, dc=oh, dc=edu
aci: (target="ldap:///ou=People, o=University, dc=oh, dc=edu")
(targetattr != "uid || homeaddress || homephone")
(version 3.0; acl "Testing acls"; allow (read, search, compare)
userdn = "ldap:///anyone";;)

    The problem I'm having is it will still return all the attributes,
including the 'uid',
'homeaddress', and 'homephone' when I do a search. What did I miss or
forget to do?