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SLURP problems


I have some problems with replication.

slurpd error message:
Error: ldap_add_s failed adding "Constraint violation":
Error: ldap operation failed, data written to

slave slapd message:
conn=1 op=3 ADD dn="CN=TEST,O=RUC,C=DK"
conn=1 op=3 RESULT tag=105 err=19 text=no-user-modification attribute

My master slapd.conf have following config:
replica host=mac.ruc.dk "binddn=cn=replicator,ou=foo,o=ruc,c=dk"
replogfile /opt/ldap/var/slapd.replog

"cn=replicator,ou=foo,o=ruc,c=dk" is in both slave and master databases.

What ACL' should the replicator user have in slave configuration?

Is there a good FAQ/howto on how to run slurpd's?

Regards, Tom
Tom Helmer Jensen, System Manager, Computer Science
Roskilde University. Building 42.1, P.O. BOX 260, DK-4000 Denmark
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