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Re: Getting a tour of LDAP

Leonard.P.Tingin@bankofamerica.com wrote:

> I downloaded all the necessary files to configure OpenLDAP on my RH6.0 server. I
> also downloaded the Netscape NDS 4.0 for Linux as part of an experiment from the
> book, "Implementing LDAP" by Mark Wilcox.
> My question is, I am having a hard time coming up with a Schema and setting up
> the test to see if the system is running. Is there someone in the San Francisco
> Bay area who would be willing to give me a tour of their successful
> implementation of LDAP. I just want to see a live demo. Better yet, is there a
> live interactive demo on the Internet that I can visit to get a hands-on view of
> the system.
> Thanks
> Leonard

I found a very useful tool at this website.
    It requires java swing. I had to modify a few things to get it running on my
system, fairly simple though.
Edit the compile1.sh and runnit1.sh to fit your system's setup.
The default login is to the University of Michigan LDAP server and I think that
this might be what you're looking for when you say, live interactive demo. It
doesn't speak to you or anything but you can browse around and get an idea of their
Good Luck