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Re: Newbie ldapsearch syntax question

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 04:50:00PM +0100, Eric Bréhier - SCI mentioned:
> Sorry, I already posted it directly,
> >
> > Alas, the error is the same - "no such object". Like the last time, the
> >object "ou=people, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie" has been created, but not
> >the "uid=ftp,ou=People,dc=fv,dc=digiserv,dc=ie".
> There is a diff between "ou=people, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie"  and
> "uid=ftp,ou=People,dc=fv,dc=digiserv,dc=ie".
> "ou" doesn't matter. It depends on the schema but :
> dc=digiserve exists, ok   with an "e"
> and dc=digiserv ( without the "e"), present in your entry and your log
> doesn't exist, no ?

 Er. Ok. You know that feeling you get that you've spent five days
wondering why something isn't working, and then someone else points out
that it's because it's a typo ? Kinda have that feeling now. OpenLDAP
doesn't come with a heavy blunt instrument, does it ?

 Thanks everyone that's helped!


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