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Re: How and where to write a search filter script??????

I haven't used mail500 so I can't help there. Here is the
relevant info for the compiled-in ldap support.

> As I am completely stuck at this point with mail500 I then decided yesterday,
> to give the ldap-support-on-sendmail solution a go. I now have
> ldap support compiled in sendmail8.9.3 on another machine,
> only to realize that I do not know how to write the search filter for this one
> too!!!

Assuming that...
  server is "ldap.xyz.com"
  base dn is "ou=OrgUnit,o=Org"
  your email addresses are in attribute "mail"
  (format: "user@xyz.com")
  final destination is in attribute "maildrop"
  (format: "user@mh001.xyz.com")

Then, this line will do:
  Kvirtuser ldapx -b"ou=OrgUnit,o=Org" -h"ldap.xyz.com" -k"(mailalternateaddress=%s)" -v maildrop

You can add it in sendmail.cf after "# Virtual user table".
I think mail500 is probably not the best option when you are 
forwarding all mail to another host. You also have to
ensure that this Sendmail LDAP box has xyz.com listed in
class W (listed in /etc/sendmail.cf as "Cwxyz.com" or in
sendmail.cw if you have Sendmail configured to look there).

The same schema in Postfix, for the benefit of anyone who
would like another alternative:

  virtual_maps = ldap:ldapvirt
  ldapvirt_server_host = ldap.xyz.com
  ldapvirt_search_base = ou=OrgUnit,o=Org
  ldapvirt_query_filter = (mail=%s)
  ldapvirt_result_attribute = maildrop
  ldapvirt_bind = no
  ldapvirt_timeout = 60

Hope this helps