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Re: Newbie ldapsearch syntax question

At 03:26 PM 11/15/99 +0000, John P. Looney wrote:
>I think my current problems are that I don't quite understand the terms
>that the OpenLDAP documentation uses.
> ldapsearch won't work for me...I've done this so far:
> Made, tested & installed the LDAP server. Stuck this into the
>slapd.conf file:
>database       ldbm
>suffix         "dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie"
>directory      /usr/tmp
>rootdn         "cn=root, dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie"
>rootpw         secret
> I've gotten a mockup passwd file imported with:
># migrate_passwd.pl /etc/passwd ./passwd.ldif
># ldif2ldbm -i passwd.ldif

Use ldapadd to load new entries.  ldif2ldbm does not do any
consistency checks.

> And slapd is started. And the problem at hand is:
># ldapsearch -w secret -b "dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie" 'objectclass=*'
>ldap_search: No such object

> I assume that the "suffix" bit is a sort of a root directory label, yes
>? So it has to match the parameter after the '-b' flag. But this isn't
>working, so there must be something else I'm missing...

An entry at "dc=fv, dc=digiserve, dc=ie" ?

Use ldapadd, it will complain if you providing it input which is
not consistent with your configuration (or otherwise malformed).


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