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Re: slurpd without threads ?

At 11:51 AM 11/16/99 +0100, Jan Iven wrote:
>Since Openldap 1.x is supposed to be unsafe with (preemptive) threads
>and since I hesitate to put in another piece of to-be-tested software
>(nonpreemptive threads) on a production server,
>is there any way to get slurpd to compile without threads?


>Or do the warnings about threads only apply to slapd, and slurpd
>itself is thread-safe?

slurpd is believed to be fully thread-safe.

>If so, is there a way to get slapd to compile
>without threads, but with slurpd using them?

Yes. Build OpenLDAP twice.  Once without threads, make install.
Once without threads, cd servers/slurpd, make install.

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