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Re: SENDMAIL and mail500 delivery agent

Kristina wrote:
> Gathering from your speedy reply I first need to compile mail500??!!
> But.... I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COMPILE mail500 and get it
> running!!!!!  Let me know please!

It is built as part of OpenLDAP; you will find it in the 
clients/mail500 subdirectory of the distribution. If you have
slapd, ldapsearch and the other binaries available, you should
also have mail500. If not, then you should follow the build
instructions for OpenLDAP.

> I regret to say  I do not understand  what you mean by "Postfix ......"
> . What is Postfix??

Postfix is another mail transport agent, which in most cases 
can replace Sendmail without trouble. http://www.postfix.org